Sonic Quiver is an American production music library based out of sunny Florida, USA. Founded in 2007 by Shana Lazarus, the library celebrates its 10th anniversary and 100th release in 2017. Over the last decade, the international team of producers and composers have been having a blast creating one of the most useful and vibrant production music libraries of its time.

Sonic Quiver has become known for its inspired, youthful energy, spanning a broad spectrum of genres, with cues specifically tailored for broadcast and film. Sonic Quiver offers a robust collection of trend-driven content from commercial producers, covering genres like indie, rock, punk, country and blues. The label also features sophisticated orchestral compositions for drama and film, including crime, thriller, epic, romance and action.

Sonic Quiver boasts a strong American identity with albums like 'West Coast, Best Coast'; 'Country Trash'; 'Deep Fried South'; 'Bluegrass and Blues' and 'Aloha!' and is your go-to library for those quirky, cheerful indie cues ('Reasons to Smile'; 'Sunshine Indie' and the 'Instant Happiness' series), and their attitude to Rock 'n' Roll is quite simple: "Go big or go home" ('Pedal Says Fuzz'; 'Grinding Gears' ,'Stoked' and 'Emo Rock').

Sonic Quiver is the perfect blend of youth and heritage; offering high-quality orchestral cues from established and respected composers, coupled with on-the-pulse commercially influenced releases from world-class producers.


A proper license must be obtained for each unique production. Sonic Quiver does not do any direct licensing, but is represented around the world by top-notch music publishers who can handle all your licensing requirements and music needs. Please contact your local representative shown on this page for any inquiries or to license music. If you do not see your territory listed, please contact us at .

Please note that most of Sonic Quiver's representatives will have the Sonic Quiver catalog ingested into their own proprietary search & download systems, giving you additional options in accessing the catalog. We encourage that you use these systems, but if you prefer a little one-on-one with Sonic Quiver, we'd love for you to use ours.

Search and audition capabilities are available for everyone. But an approved account is needed to download tracks. Once registration is received, it will be quickly forwarded to the proper representative for approval and once approved you'll have full access to the catalog.


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